Group 26
Content: Top Grain Semi-Aniline
Cleaning Code: LSA
Flame Code: CA117
Number of Rubs:

All leathers have naturally occurring characteristics such as healed scars, veins, insect bites, fat wrinkles and brands to name a few. the visibility of the “marks” on the finished hides is enhanced or diminished by the custom processes used to create the final look specified for the particular leather. generally speaking the more processing, the less these characteristics are visible. we include all “hallmarks of the trail” on our furniture. this leather swatch is representative of the general look, feel and color of the leather only. every hide is “one of a kind” so your piece of furniture will be covered in beautiful leather that is consistent with the overall color and feel of this swatch but in no way guaranteed to be exact.

Price may not reflect image shown.

Must Contact Showroom for final price.

Type Leather